Tuesday Social


Draw 3

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Team Formation

Curlers desiring to play in the Tuesday Night Social League will be asked to sign up. Sign up sheets are displayed on the club billboard 2 weeks prior to the draw start date.

League coordinator will form teams by seniority. The most senior individuals are assigned as Skips and up. On occasions exceptions are made due to willingness of the individual or higher skills.

Pre-formed Teams

Pre-formed teams that display a desire to practice together for a future participation in a Club Championship Series event are allowed to participate in the Tuesday Night Social League.


When teams need a replacement player, that player will play at the Lead position and all other players move up. Only the Skip may be replaced directly with another Skip.

Game play

Game play follows the Rules of Curling for General Play.

Games are 8 ends. During round robin play, all ends must be played. During the finals, a Skips can call forfeit after 3 ends played.

During round robin play, overtime is a 1 end, 4 rocks per team play. During finals, extra ends are played as normal until a winner is determined.


Combined score for the game is no more than 21. Games are scored in the following manner:

  • 2 points per winning end;
  • 1 point per blanked end;
  • 5 points for win;


Standings are determined by most wins. In case of a tie, points will be the tiebreaker.